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Magnesium Sulphate Monohydrate




CAS NO.14168-73-1

EC NO. 231-298-2

Molecular formula -  MgSO4.H2O

Molecular weight - 138.38

Application-BB fertilizer 

It can be used alone or as a component of compound fertilizer. Magnesium sulfur fertilizer can be directly used as base fertilizer, topdressing fertilizer, and foliar fertilizer; It can be applied in both traditional agriculture and high value-added precision agriculture, flowers, and soilless cultivation.


Magnesium loving crops include tobacco, sugarcane, rubber trees, tea trees, citrus, potatoes, camellia oil, grapes, sugar beets, peanuts, sesame, millet, coffee, strawberries, pear trees, cucumber, cotton, corn, soybeans, rice, as well as lychee, longan, pineapple, oil palm, banana, mango and other crops. Experiments have shown that the above crops can generally increase yield by 10-30% after reasonable application of sulfur magnesium fertilizer.


Storage - Store in a clean, dry warehouse in the original unopened containers.